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Meet Ann

About me

With over a decade of residential design experience, I strive to create unique interiors that will have a positive impact on my clients’ lives. I love to focus on each individual client’s needs, by looking at all aspects of your living space! With an eye for quality, and a superior sense of style, I will make your dreams a reality. Along with my experience for design I also am WBE certified and carry a Residential Real Estate license. Whether it is designing your whole kitchen, bathroom, home office; picking paint colors for your walls, or selecting the perfect shade for your windows, I will work with you to make your house a Home that will enhance your well being!

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Selecting Finishes 

Whether it is to offer a large selection of:

Finish Samples





Cabinetry details

or to help you  create a home that enhances your well being we are here to help!

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Contact us:
Tel: 412.983.2345

202 Commerce Blvd.
Lawrence, Pa. 15055

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